Our Company

Composting specialists

Stablished in 1982, Kollvik Recycling S.L. is a world reference on composting sector and on the treatment of organic waste.

We manufacture a wide range of equipment, such as domestic composters for small volumes and plants for onsite composting, plants for composting at proximity and completely automated and centralised plants.

Thanks to our equipment, Kollvik can compost all kind of organic waste complying with the strictest technical and legal requirements.

Composting Projects “nearby” or “onsite”

Besides composting equipment, Kollvik Recycling S.L. also supplies:

  • Consultancy service for the sustainable treatment of organic waste.
  • Studies about the treatment of domestic, collective, urban and special waste or waste subject to specific regulations: sludge treatments, agro-industrial wastes, animal wastes subject to SANDACH regulations, type II and III, etc.
  • Launching of projects for treatment of organic waste.
  • Design and launching of composting plants.
  • Specific training programmes.

Our customers

Our customers are generators of any kind of organic waste:

  • Households
  • Neighbourhood communities and residential areas
  • Councils (waste facilities, nearby or centralised plants…)
  • Restaurants, companies canteens, and all kind of collective canteens (schools, hospitals, companies )
  • Supermarkets, hypermarkets and shopping malls
  • Airports, harbour terminals and marinas
  • Farms, fish farms and other agro-industrial facilities
  • Gardening companies, or dedicated to maintenance of parks and gardens
  • Waste water treatment plants (EDAR) for sludge composting

Global Presence

Representatives around the world:

  • Argentina
  • Australia
  • Brasil
  • Europe
  • Hong Kong
  • USA

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