Equipment for the treatment of considerable volumes of organic waste.

Our range of machinery for industrial composting allows the treatment of organic waste with efficiency, convenience and cleanliness.

We start from the separation and selection of the waste. From there, the rest of the process is carried out by the composter: shredding, mixing, composting, maturation, unloading of the prepared compost. Refining and sieving are barely necessary due to the effectiveness of the process, but they can be included on the projects as well as the analytical, the labelling and the bagging for its sale.

Kollvik Recycling S.L. manages its project from beginning to end.

For that purpose it counts with an environmental studies department and collaborates with national and foreign universities. We carry out all the necessary services and studies from the beginning of the project to the achievement of the final product and its eventual placing on the market.

Technical specifications

  • Thermal insulation in order to use it at any time of the year
  • Ventilation central axis in order to assure the optimal aeration of the mixture
  • Control thermometer
  • Adjustable height
  • Galvanized and painted bracket


 Model No. of modules Total Capacity Anual Average Processing Capacity Body dimensions Weight (Kg)
 Multicomp 1 1 150 2/4 persons 100sqm garden 736 x 650 40
 Multicomp 2 2 300 4/6persons 500sqm garden 736 x 1220 60
 Multicomp 3 3 450 4/8 persons 500/2000sqm garden 736 x 1790 90
 Multicomp 2M 2 300 Motorized model
 Multicomp 3M 3 450 Motorized model

Technical specifications

  • In-vessel composting system, inaccessible to rodents and insects.
  • Completely automated process.
  • Designed to process all kind of organic waste “onsite” arising from selective collection.
  • Loading of the machine at your convenience, daily or when waste should be disposed.
  • Manual or automatic loading of waste, depending on the size and type of composting plant.
  • Internal automatic shredding, mixing and processing of the waste.
  • Internal shredder in antiabrasive and anticorrosive materials designed to avoid failures in case elements such as forks or kitchenware are accidentally introduced.
  • Double aeration system.
  • Programmable compost unloading.
  • Optional maturing plant, for the final maturation of compost. Loading is carried out automatically without any manipulation by the maintenance staff.
  • Quick and direct access to every principal element of the machine to simplify its maintenance.
  • Minimum required space for the plants comparing to any other system.
  • Insignificant power consumption, the equipment barely works 30 minutes per day…
  • Sharp fall of the greenhouse gas emissions measured in tCO2e.


Available accesories

  • Loading devices: Bin tilters, Bin lifters, Loading bolts and conveyor belts.
  • Automatic load lines.
  • Bio-filters.
  • Mounting and transport accessories.
  • Compost and structural materials containers
  • Prune shredders.
  • Screens.
  • Aspiration system for maturation cells.
  • CIMP Control Apps.
  • Remote management of machine and process.


BiocompTM Industrial Composters – Technical specifications
 Model Population serviced Max. monthly capacity in litres Dimensions (length x wide x height in mm) Weight (Kg)
 Industrial composter BiocompTM1 70 1600 3156/3882x2312x1874 1450
 Industrial composter BiocompTM1 CM* 100 2200 4734/5460x2312x1874 1960
 Industrial composter BiocompTM2 90 2000 3786/4512x2312x1874 1850
 Industrial composter BiocompTM2 CM 120 2600 5264/6090x2312x1874 2350
 Industrial composter BiocompTM3 105 2300 4078/4512x2312x1874 1870
 Industrial composter BiocompTM3 CM* 135 2900 5656/6090x2312x1874 2420
 Industrial composter BiocompTM4 155 3510 5313/6012x2312x1874 2300
 Industrial composter BiocompTM4 CM* 185 4100 6890/7590x2312x1874 2850
 Industrial composter BiocompTM5 175 3900 5591/6012x2312x1874 2327
 Industrial composter BiocompTM5 CM* 205 4500 7169/7590x2312x1874 2877
 Industrial composter BiocompTM12/45 425 9500 7017x2463x2376 6500
 Industrial composter BiocompTM15/45 800 18000 7056x2826x2705 7300
 Industrial composter BiocompTM20/80 2250 50000 11240x3600x2950 16420

These capacities have been calculated for waste with a density of 0.6 and 60% humidity. Waste volume 0.75 l/ day per inhabitant.
Check for higher capacity models
compostador 13
Why invest in fix facilities if the equipment might be used temporarily or in occasional events?

Kollvik Recycling S.L. has thought about these necessities and has adapted some of the composters for these kind of applications thinking on cultural meetings, open-air fairs and gatherings , exhibitions, rescue operations, Military or Company camps, mining camps, oil fields etc.

The composters are installed on homologated trolleys depending on the application of the consignee and are prepared with the protections and accessories, required in each situation

The treatment capacity is identical to that of the composters on permanent locations:

BiocompTM Mobile Composters – Technical specifications
Model Population serviced Max. monthly capacity in litres Dimensions (length x wide x height in mm) Weight (Kg)
Compostador industrial BiocompTM1M 70 1600 5200x2312x1874 2150
Compostador industrial BiocompTM2M 90 2000 5200x2312x1874 2600
Compostador industrial BiocompTM3M 105 2300 5200x2312x1874 1870
Compostador industrial BiocompTM4M 155 3510 7400x2312x1874 2300
Compostador industrial BiocompTM5M 175 3900 7400x2312x1874 2327

Capacity based on 0, 6 density max. 0,6 input humidity and 0,6/0,75 l of waste per person & day.
Include spare wheel, ladder, compost container, canvas or tarpaulin, foldable exhaust pipe etc
Compostador móvil

compostador móvil

Kollvik Recycling S.L. develops composting plants:

  • Onsite” or nearby.
  • Plants adapted to animals waste regulations (SANDACH).
  • Specific waste composting plants: sludge, agricultural residues, etc.
  • Automated plants for substantial waste composting volume.

Technical specifications

  • Prune shredders.
  • Glass crushers.
  • HDPET shedders.
  • Aluminium cans shredder.
  • Organic waste external shredder.
  • External receiving hoppers.
  • Feed screw hoppers.
  • Separating belts.
  • Sanitation autoclaves.
  • Bins and containers.


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