Quality and service

The rotational composters from Kollvik Recycling S.L. comply with the highest standards. Materials and components have been carefully chosen for the demanding application to assure performance and durability.

The preventive maintenance features incorporated to the machines and the readily available assistance and after sales service, will ensure our customers satisfaction.

The composting process is:

Our machines work on continuous basis or per batches. The process can be controlled at all times: internal shredding of the waste, mixing, aeration of the material assure ideal conditions for the aerobic process and thus the quickest possible natural treatment.
The final volume of the compost can be as little as to 10%/20% of the original waste volume.
All composters have an automatic compost unloading system that also allows the total emptying of the machine if desired.
The closed reactor hinders the access of plagues to the waste inside. No leachate nor smells will come out from the machine.The internal shredder makes unnecessary any manipulation of the waste prior to its loading into the machine.
The water steam produced by the process can be redirected to a biofilter or expelled in open air.
The composting process is controlled automatically by the PLC installed in the control board. The integral machine and process control, CIMP, can communicate to a central PC and even to our maintenance service. This application manages and stores all the relevant process data and the machine incidents, and supplies even the prescriptions for a correct maintenance. The app can also control the ancillary equipement in the plant.
The external protection casing avoids access to movable parts and protects the user, hindering at the same time manipulations by non-authorized persons. This is also valid for the electronic control of the process.

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