On 22nd June it will be 10 years from the launching of the composting plant installed by Kollvik at the shopping mall “El Boulevard”, in Vitoria-Gasteiz.

kollvik composting Boulevard Vitoria

Alfonso Alonso, the then-mayor, highlighted the effort carried out by the city council of Vitoria in order to achieve five composting machines of the Spanish firm Kollvik Recycling SL with a view to compost the organic waste of the shopping mall, in an innovative initiative on the sector.

The plant has been working since then with the three installed machines, what has avoided the emission of almost 2,000 tCO2e to the atmosphere in Vitoria. Should we extrapolate this initiative to all the shopping malls exiting in our country, Spain would have stopped emitting more than 2million tCO2e over the last ten years just by this concept.

Barely at 3% of shopping malls.

Currently, barely a 3% of the shopping malls have followed the guidelines set by “El Boulevard” shopping mall, as most of them keep sending their organic wastes to waste disposal sites.

We would like to congratulate the management team, headed by Mr Pablo Vivancos, who promoted this initiative.